Best Places for family friendly adventures

our knack for adventure shouldn’t disappear simply because you are now a family man and have kids. If you put your passion for adventure on a hold by restricting to certain usual holiday destinations with your family, you will not continue doing this for long. Yes, you can still find a number of family adventure friendly destinations wherein having fun with your family and also addressing your passion for adventure is also possible. On such intrepid family adventure, you can really encounter loads of fun with your family right from trying some adventure sports to trekking and moving around the forest having good time together. Well, let’s check some of the best places for your family friendly adventure as under: Continue reading

Love your Bike?

Don’t want to rent one? Then take it along with you. Here’s how David Colker did it brilliantly. He used on a corrugated plastic box from CrateWorks ( that use a system of Velcro straps and foam inserts to secure and protect a bike. It costs $169, plus $35 for ground shipping. If you want to avoid airplane bike tariff you sure could make an ingenious half hidden statement about your cargo.


Ice Cool Sailing

What makes Ice Surfing so much fun is the amazing play between the sail and the wind. The continual and direct balance between your body weight and the pull on the sail induces a tremendous sensation of speed and motion.

13th X Games Day II – X-treme to the zenith

Kevin Robinson

The first day of 13th X Games witnessed the 45-foot free fall by Brown in the skateboard big air contest which was the worst fall. Thankfully, the second day did not witness any such fall though at one point when Mat Hoffman appeared out of control high above the 27-foot quarterpipe made us clinch our fists in apprehension but Hoffman had a reasonably happy landing on the deck.

Mat Hoffman

Jack Brown spent Thursday night in a local hospital, where he was treated for a bleeding liver, two sprained wrists, a bruised lung, and whiplash to his back and neck. But the spirits of the sportspersons were still high and the X Games, which continue through Sunday in Los Angeles and in Carson, California, went on as usual.

Anthony Napolita

Kevin Robinson, 35 landed a no-handed back flip over the 70-foot gap and completed a flair 18 feet 2 inches above the top of the quarterpipe. He captured the BMX big air title and won a gold medal on Friday night at Staples Center. His winning score was 95.33. Steve McCann, 24, and Anthony Napolitan, 20 were placed second and third, respectively.

Ronnie Renner

Ronnie Renner was the only Moto X rider to clear 34 feet, which got him the step up victory. Tommy Clowers, Lyn-Z Adams and Marcelo Bastos were among other daring players who entertained the crowd with their death defying feats.

Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins

Marcelo Bastos

13th X Games in videos:


The Hanging Coffins of Sagada: A place where death is an adventure!

It’s natural people expect their soul to ‘rest in peace’ at least in their death. But whether that truly happens or not is another question. If you happen to visit the Cliffs of Sagada in Phillipines you will be surprised to see to what extent people go to ensure that their souls rest in peace.

You will find hundreds of coffins hanging down the cliffs or jutting out of a rock and these have been around since 2,000 years when you scan the higher areas of the cliff. People carved their own coffins before death and the corpses were smoked to preserve it throughout the 5-day pre-burial feast.

Why did they do this? People probably believed that higher your body is laid the close they are to ‘heaven’ and mountains were held in high esteem those days. Another reason might be to protect the bodies that could have destroyed because of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

If you just have a look at the surrounding area, you will wonder how they managed to get bring the corpse through such an unpopulated area and manage to settle these coffins that high even when they grieved the loss of their loved one. They probably used ropes to lower the coffins down the cliff or used timber scaffolding to raise the coffin high up.

Have a look at this video of the cliffs and you’ll know that death is really an adventure!

Uncrowded Swiss Ski Village?

Such a place does exist in Switzerland’s quaint old village of Chandolin. It has been recommended as a good, uncrowded ski option by the Guardian newspaper.
Demographics show only fifty permanent inhabitants in the village. Despite its isolation, there are 75 kilometres of different runs.

Cheer on the water skiing squirrel: Twiggy

Hurricane David (hit Central Florida in 1979) brought a frail twiggy in the lives of Lou Ann Best and husband Chuck. It was thereafter that chuck taught twiggy to water ski behind his daughters sail boat.
Twiggy has since became an earning member: as a performer and has been replaced a number of times since. Rodents are believed to be good swimmers.

Claustrophobic and yet willing to go caving then hats off to you!

Caves: The Jenolan Caves, ( on the edge of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, two hours’ drive west from Sydney)

Tour: Plughole tour

Time: Two hours

No of People: 12

Minimum Age: 10yrs

Tickets: $58 per person

It will definitely be your best Introduction to adventure caving. Her 11year old son gave the author the grit to act being a cool cucumber caver. I guess what you act you become. Her adventure included abseiling down a short way into a sinkhole, a lot of legends and a lot of history.
A pleasure we take for granted today there was a time when women were not allowed to wear trousers so they specially wore them to descend into caves. Her adventure ended with a series of climbs, crawls and squeezes and definitely a sense of achievement.

Relief Raiders: Relief Tourism on Horseback in India

It gives a peek into the desert village life. Horse safaris into the desert, taking turns to live out of tents and in haveli’s.
Holding of medical camps for the villagers, co-ordinated with the red cross, distributing essentials at schools in the villages and giving away livestock. What lots of people find fascinating is the enriching culture and the happiness even in poverty .
A maximum of 15 people are part of a group. The next group is scheduled for New Year’s 2006 Rajasthan Relief Ride.

Dates: December 28th, 2006 to January 12th,2007


Riding per Day: 4-6 hours

Ages: Minimum 8, Maximum 15

Adventure in America

An amazing road through the southwest comprises of many thrilling landscapes of the United States. It ranges from Monument Valley- the valley of rocks, Mexican Hat- located on the San Juan River in south-central San Juan County, Utah to Coral Pink Sand Dunes- are around 10,000 to 15,000 years old and many more. Check out this video and see the nature at work!