America’s longest and highest zip-line opens in Alaska

If you are looking for real adventure then the Zip Rider is for you! Highest Zip-Line has opened in Alaska. This is boasted as America’s longest and highest zip-line. It is located in Icy Strait Point which is 50 miles west of Juneau.

The zip-line begins on a mountaintop 1,330 feet above sea level and then stretches 5,330 feet down to a scenic beach below.

The Zip-Rider is six cables wide and will take 90 seconds to go from mountain to beach, traveling at speeds up to 60 mph. The 1.5 min zip ride finishes with a gentle touchdown on the beach at Icy Strait Point.

The riders can blur past dense forestland and can view surrounding mountains and Port Fredrick. You can also catch sight of bears foraging 300 feet below.

Participants must be between 90 and 275 pounds and be comfortable with heights. They should wear warm layered clothing, waterproof outwear and closed toed shoes. Loose and dangling clothing is not allowed. Pregnant women and persons with back or neck problems are not permitted to participate.

Go and have a wonderful zip-line ride!

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