Minding the p’s and q’s will make you a happy camper

You have been sitting at the desk all week long and just swamped with work. Finally it’s time for you to enjoy the scenic outdoors with your special person when the party crashers pitch their tent right next door. They break the peace and quietness by blasting their stereos and being loud and obnoxious. How would you feel? So next time please be considerate for others and the environment while camping.

First, make sure you don’t litter in the woods. Please keep the wilderness pristine. So, pack in and pack out. Follow the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles. As someone once rightly mentioned:

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures

Second, when using the National parks restroom try to keep it as clean as possible. This is probably the most disgusting topic but, there’s always that one person who always throws trash right down the toilet and clogs it up.

Third, if using the pit for camp fire, please make sure you douse the flames off in the morning. As the happy camper would say “Drown it! Feel it! Stir it!” This is the key to the camp fire. I remember on my last camping trip we made sure that there was not even one single burning flame in the pit before we left the campground.

Fourth, in bear country like Yellowstone, make sure you pack your food and beverages in a separate beer proof container and keep it away from the tent. It should be more than 15 feet off the deck(ground). This is just to keep it out of reach from bears. Otherwise you might find the bear family or other animals sniffing around your tent for food.

So, next time you go out in the wilderness, please abide by these suggestions. This will help you have a fun camping trip and make your trip more pleasant. If you do it right, you will see others cooperating with you as well in the wilderness.

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